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Web Application Review Team (WebART)


The WebART is tasked with identifying, reviewing, tracking and approving all Web Applications and external Web sites for which the CDE is a stakeholder.


The WebART consists of members from the Web Services Office (WSO) and Application Development and Management Office (ADMO), both within the CDE's Technology Services Division (TSD).

Criteria for Performing a WebART Review

A WebART Review may be scheduled based on any of the following events:

  • A contract is received by the TSD Project Management Office (PMO) for approval for which there is an existing Web site or application.
  • A Division Web Coordinator makes a request to the WebART for a Web application review for a new or significantly modified internal Web application.
  • A Contract Monitor makes a request to the WebART for a review of a Web site or application that has been specified in a new or renewal contract that incorporates a new Web services component*, or a significantly modified Web site or application.
  • When a new contract or request for proposal (RFP) is received by the PMO for which there is a Web services component*, the PMO will notify the submitting program staff that the CDE Web Standards must be met, and that a WebART Review will be required prior to the new Web site or application going live. The Contract Monitor is responsible for scheduling a WebART review using the online WebART Request Form - TSD-160 (CDE Intranet).
  • A request is submitted to the CDE Web Services Office to upload a new or significantly revised Web application to a staging or production CDE Web server.
  • The Web Application Developer or the ADMO representative to WebART makes a request for a WebART Review of an ADMO-developed Web application.
  • The WebART schedules a routine review of a Web site or application.

Division staff, contract monitors and internal developers are encouraged to contact the WebART early in the development process if any questions exist regarding CDE Web Standards or the WebART Review process.

* Web Services include both CDE and contractor-developed internal Web applications and documents, as well as contractor-developed, Web sites, applications, documents, or any other online services.

Scheduling a WebART Review

Requestors should allow at least three weeks for a review to be completed, plus any time required for the developer to make the necessary modifications. Submit WebART review requests by using the the online WebART Request Form - TSD-160 (Available in the CDE's Intranet Forms Center).

The WebART Review Process

Web sites, applications, documents, or any other online services will be evaluated on the following factors:

  • Adherence to the CDE Web Standards
  • Adherence to industry best practices
  • The experience of the WebART members

Based on the WebART Review, a written report, the WebART Report, is developed by the WebART members and compiled by the WebART Coordinator. The WebART Report is forwarded to the appropriate parties. Reports may contain required as well as recommended changes. WebART Reports are filed within TSD for future reference.

WebART Approval to Deploy

When a WebART Report contains one or more required changes, these changes must be made according to the following schedule:

  • New Web sites or applications: Required changes must be made prior to deployment.
  • Existing Web sites or applications: Required changes must be made within 90 days of the WebART Report date.

If these time frames are not practical, contact the WebART to discuss an alternative schedule for the completion of the required changes.

Once modifications are made to a Web site or application (if necessary), the Contract Monitor or CDE Web Developer, must arrange a Final WebART Review and Report. The WebART will review the Web site or application to ensure that changes were made. Final WebART Reviews are given priority and only need about one day of lead time.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, March 17, 2022
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