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Submit a Waiver Request

Information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the system to submit waivers to the State Board of Education. Information includes FAQs, which data elements are required for submission, and sample Education Code strike-out language.

Charter School – Chartering district must request General Waivers on your behalf:

California Education Code (EC) 33054 used to allow charter school to submit a general waiver request on their own behalf. However, effective January 7, 2007, that section of the EC was repealed.

This means that a charter school can no longer submit a general waiver request on its own behalf. Charter schools must have their chartering district submit the waiver request for the charter school. The general waiver request is available for review and all data elements must be completed.

A charter school may continue to directly submit only federal waivers of the Carl Perkins Act and a Specific Waiver of Instruction Time Penalties.

For All General Waivers please provide the following with your waiver request:

  • Documentation of evidence of the advisory council regarding the waiver request.
  • Documentation of bargaining unit participation in the development of the waiver.
  • Documentation evidencing the public hearing of the governing board approving the waiver request.

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Last Reviewed: Friday, October 15, 2021
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