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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions most commonly asked related to the online waiver application for waivers to the State Board of Education.
Who can apply for a waiver?

Superintendent of a district or county office of education, an official designee of the district or county office of education, or SELPA Director for special education students may apply for a waiver.

Can a Charter School apply for a waiver?

California Education Code (EC) Section 33054 used to allow charter schools to submit a general waiver request on their own behalf. However, effective January 7, 2007, that section of the EC was repealed.

This means that a charter school can no longer submit a general waiver request on its own behalf. Charter schools must have their chartering district submit the waiver request for the charter school.

A charter school may continue to directly submit only federal waivers of the Carl D. Perkins Act and a specific waiver of Instruction Time Penalties on their behalf.

What will I need to complete my waiver application?

The waiver page Submit a Waiver Request has instructions as far as what is needed to process a General, Specific, and Federal waiver requests.

Can I save and complete my request at a later date?

No, the waiver request in process cannot be saved. The waiver application must be completed and submitted within a two hour period or you will have to start the application process from the beginning.

What is a valid date?

A valid date (mm/dd/yyyy) that must be before the date you are applying for the waiver. In other words, it must be in the past and cannot be a future date as this will not be accepted in the online waiver application.

What is a period of request?

Period of request is a date that is provided for the beginning and ending date on the waiver request. This can be retroactive, current year, or prospective and must be in this format (mm/dd/yyyy).

What do I have to do to make sure the Bargaining Unit information is included in the waiver request?

After completing the bargaining unit information make sure you click on Attach/Add bargaining unit button. This will include it with your waiver submission. You can add up to three bargaining units.

I don’t understand how to strike out the Education Code - can you explain?

Place brackets [ .… ] around the text you wish to strike.

I want to file a general waiver for Citizens Oversight Committee Term Limits – what Waiver Topic do I choose?

In the Waiver Topic choose School Construction Bonds. In the Education Code Title choose Citizen’s Oversight Committee – Term Limits.

I am applying for a CSP waiver for Kindergarten and/or grades 1 – 3. Must the governing board of the school district adopted a resolution determining that an exemption should be granted with respect to core classes on the basis that such provisions prevent the district from developing more effective educational programs in the core area to improve instruction in reading and mathematics?

Yes, a principal may recommend to the governing board or the governing board of the school district may adopt a resolution determining that an exemption should be granted from any of the provisions of Section 41376 and 41378, with respect to such core classes on the basis that such provisions prevent the school and school district from developing more effective education programs to improve instruction in reading and mathematics. (Required for the waiver to be processed - see EC 41382)  

What do I need to do to be removed from the Open Enrollment List of "low achieving schools"?

You need to submit a general waiver request and indicate for which school(s) you are requesting the waiver for and identify which list to be removed from, for example, 2012 - 13 or 2013 - 14.

For an Open Enrollment waiver, where on the form do I indicate I am requesting to be removed from the Open Enrollment List of “low achieving schools”?

You need to explain in the desired outcome section of the waiver request.

How will I know if I have submitted all of the appropriate documents?

Go to the Waiver Additional Attachments page to see if there are any special forms needed for your waiver type. If nothing additional is required, you will submit the online waiver request only.

How do I know if CDE received my waiver?

The Confirmation Page is your receipt that the waiver has been received by CDE. Also, you can check the update to Weekly Waivers Received page every Tuesday.

How will I know when the State Board of Education will hear my waiver?

Waivers that are being heard at a State Board of Education meeting are posted online 10 days prior to the meeting.

How long do I need to wait to submit a renewal waiver?

You need to submit the renewal waiver at least two months before it expires. Remember, you must go through the local process once more in order for your waiver to be considered.

When will I receive the outcome of my waiver?

You will be able to check the SBE website 2 weeks after the SBE meeting that the waiver was heard and to review the preliminary report of SBE action. The final report of action will be posted within 30 days of the meeting.
You will also receive a Disposition Letter within 3 weeks after the SBE meeting.

What do I do if I switch districts once I have registered for a username and password?

You can continue to use your user name and password and apply for your new district. Or you can register again with the new district.

I finished submitting my waiver but it said error, will an administrator call me?

No, please re-submit your waiver again. If you continue to experience the problem, please call the Waiver Office.

I am a Charter School and I don’t have a schoolsite council or advisory council, what do I do?

Charter School Board or other board association in the Charter School may review the waiver request.

How do I contact the Waiver Office if I have questions?

You can call the Waiver Office at 916-319-0824 or e-mail at

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