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CDMIS User Manual - Chapter 5: Agency Information

This chapter contains information regarding managing program and administrative information for an agency in the Child Development Management Information System (CDMIS).


This chapter contains the following topics:

5.1 Update Agency Information

The Update Agency Information screen is accessible only to super users. This screen is used to update an ELCD-contracted agency's (agency's) information with the Early Learning and Care Division (ELCD). The following information is displayed: agency’s vendor number; agency’s ELCD, Field Services Office consultant (consultant); agency’s name; and agency’s mailing address.

On the Update Agency Information screen, six buttons are displayed:

  1. Edit Executive Director Information*

  2. Edit Program Director Information*

  3. Add/Edit Family Child Care Home (FCCH) Information*

  4. Add/Edit Sites or Offices*

  5. Generate Agency Datasheet: This button allows agencies to create a report that contains all contact, site, and office information currently in the CDMIS for the agency. If any of the information is not accurate, agencies can use the buttons in the Agency Name and Mailing Address section to update the information, as necessary.

  6. Generate Certification Form: This button allows agencies to print a document that must be signed and returned to the ELCD along with the annual Continued Funding Application package. This form is not required to be submitted at any other time.

* Instructions for using these buttons are detailed in sections 5.2 through 5.5 below.

Note Regarding Changes to Agency’s Legal Name: An agency’s name and mailing address cannot be changed through the Update Agency Information screen as specific documentation is required from the agency to process that change. For information on how to change an agency's legal name or headquartered mailing address, agencies should contact their consultant.

5.2 Add/Edit Executive Director Information

The person listed as the Executive Director/Superintendent should be the primary administrator responsible for the overall operations of the agency, such as the Chief Executive Officer or President of a private corporation, President, Chancellor of a college, Superintendent of a local educational agency (e.g., county office of education, school district.), City Mayor, etc.

Questions regarding who should be listed as the Executive Director should be directed to an agency’s consultant.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Add/Edit Executive Director Information

To view or update agency executive director information, follow the below steps:

  1. Select the function “Update Agency Information” from the Main Menu of the CDMIS Live website. A report month and year does not need to be indicated. Click the “Submit” button.

  2. Click on the “Edit Executive Director Information” button underneath the Agency Name and Mailing Address section.

  3. Review the information on the Edit Executive Director Information screen and make changes as necessary.

  4. Fields marked with an * are required.

  5. The following information is also required in order for the information to be saved: a minimum of two characters in both the first and last name fields (numbers are not allowed); phone and fax numbers with 10 digits; and a complete email address.

  6. Click the "Submit Changes" button to save the changes.

  7. If the information is complete, the text "Approval Status: Edited – Pending" appears above the Title field.

  8. Await approval of change from agency’s consultant.

Once an agency’s consultant reviews and approves the changes, the status is no longer displayed. Questions regarding the status of pending changes should be directed to an agency’s consultant.

Exit the Edit Executive Director Information Screen

  • Click the "Main Menu" link that appears just above the page name, or
  • Click the "Log Off" link that appears just above the page name, or
  • Click the "Return to Edit Agency Information" button.

5.3 Add/Edit Program Director Information

5.4 Add/Edit FCCH Information

5.5 Add/Edit Sites or Offices

  • Add/Edit Sites or Offices: Add/Edit Sites or Offices
    Information regarding sites and offices, and how to add/edit their information.

5.6 Sub-Agencies

5.7 No Services

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