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CASI Quarterly Regional Trainings

Charter Authorizer Support Initiative (CASI) Quarterly Regional Training schedule and information.

Charter Authorizer Support Initiative (CASI) Quarterly Regional Trainings will be hosted by partner County Offices of Education (COE), and will also accommodate virtual participants. Authorizers can collaborate with colleagues from their region on a topic of authorizing responsibility, with resources and support from CASI representatives.

CASI is a program managed collaboratively by the California Department of Education (CDE), Charter Schools Division and two CDE sub-grant recipients: the Santa Clara County Office of Education’s (SCCOE) Charter Schools Department and the California Charter Authorizing Professionals (CCAP).

CASI 2024 Quarterly Regional Training Schedule

Scheduled Month Event Details and Registration

CASI will hold its January 2024 Quarterly Regional Training on "Authorizers and Charter School Facilities." Authorizers will review oversight requirements and best practices concerning charter facilities during the life cycle of a charter school, from petition through start-up, operations, and in the event of closure. The training will include financing mechanisms such as the Charter School Facility Grant Program and charter school use of school district facilities under Proposition 39. For the January 2024 session, CASI is offering one two-hour virtual training.

Virtual: Tuesday, Jauary 23, 2024, 1 to 3 p.m. (all welcome). If you would like to register for the virtual training, please register on January 2024 CASI Quarterly Regional Training Zoom Registration External link opens in new window or tab. prior to the event.

There is no charge for CASI Quarterly Regional Trainings. If you have questions on charter school facilities which you would like to have addressed during the session, please direct them to

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More information to be announced when available.

Training Materials and Additional Resources

The information in the materials and resources provided below, including recorded webinars, is accurate as of the date of presentation and/or date provided on the page.

Training Topic Event Date Training Materials and Additional Resources
Charter Board Oversight October 2023
Material Revisions to Charter Petitions July 2023
Survival Tips for Small Authorizers April 2023
Charter School Oversight and Renewal January 2023
Fiscal Oversight October 2022
Teacher Credentialing July 2022
Annual Site Visits and Reports April 2022

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