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A call to action to eliminate the risk of school failure and ensure a secure pathway to success.





  1. Early Learning
  2. Evidence-Based School and Classroom Practices
  3. Educator Preparation and Professional Learning
  4. Assessment
  5. Accountability
  6. Family and Student Engagement
  7. Special Education Financing


Conclusion (current page)



Many children in this state are at risk for school failure. This report and these recommendations represent a call to action for California to eliminate that risk and give all children a secure pathway to school success.

The way forward will not be easy, nor will the implementation be quick. The state’s system of education is large and complicated.

But California has seen recent movement toward collaborative systems, thanks to the Local Control Funding Formula and its plans. California has established high standards for every student, thanks to the Common Core State Standards. And California has a chance to ensure that every student counts, thanks to the system of assessments that is being developed.

We know what to do: We know that early intervention at every stage of human development improves lives. We know that collaborative systems are efficient and cost effective. We know that when we use evidence-based practices, children learn more—and we even know what those practices are. We know that when teachers and staff are well trained and when educators work together in a united effort to deliver effective programs and services, all children benefit. We know that when data informs what happens in the classroom, children succeed. And we know that, if we follow through with a strong commitment to each of these things and if we have adequate resources at all levels, we have the opportunity to create our own brand of educational excellence in California.

To believe that the recommendations in this document would ultimately improve and make happier the lives of millions of children and their families and save billions of dollars is not just an act of faith. Research and experience have established the certain benefit of what this Task Force is asking of California’s policy makers, educators, and parents. This document presents an important vision. The next phase involves concrete steps: an implementation and accountability team from across agencies that has the experience, the will, and the ability to begin the work of turning this vision into reality.

Now is the time for everyone involved to embrace these recommendations and move forward with this reform agenda to help ensure that all of California’s children receive the education they need to become involved and contributing members of society. This Task Force asks every general and special education stakeholder to brave this difficult task and to take that first step—and the many following steps—to ensure that schools in this state serve every child well.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, May 8, 2023
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