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Dashboard Communications Toolkit

Informational materials that help explain the data reported on the California School Dashboard.


The 2023 California School Dashboard (Dashboard), which was released on December 15, 2023, reflects a full return of California’s accountability system with the reporting of Status (current year data), Change (the difference from prior year data), and Performance Levels (colors) for most state indicators. To ensure that parents, community members, and educators are well-informed of the information on the 2023 Dashboard, the following resources have been developed to meet this need:

Flyers for Parents (and Those New to the Dashboard)

Start your learning journey with these one-to-two-page flyers that help simplify the use and understanding of the 2023 Dashboard.

Translated flyers are available on the Translations Tab of the Dashboard Resources web page.

Flyers for Educators

User-friendly flyers that help enhance your general knowledge of the Dashboard state indicators.

State Indicator Flyers

Additional Flyers and Information

On Demand Dashboard Sessions

This section will be updated with the latest PowerPoint recordings, and associated Notetaking Guides, that cover state and local indicators about the Dashboard. Learn more through our 2023 Dashboard Informational Series flyer(PDF).

Talking Points

These Talking Points(DOCX) contain helpful pointers that LEAs can use to communicate the 2023 Dashboard results to their communities.

Additional Resources

Individualized web pages focusing on state and local indicators are easily accessible through the following links:

2023 Five-by-Five Colored Tables – The accountability system combines five Status and five Change levels creating a five-by-five placement grid which is used to identify the performance color for the Dashboard.

Dashboard Technical Guide – Access the latest calculation formulas and business rules used to calculate the Dashboard state indicators.

System of Support – Information and resources on California's system to support districts and schools to help meet the needs of their students.

School Dashboard Additional Reports – These multiple supplementary reports offer additional data and insight to the Dashboard results.

2023 Connecting CALPADS to the Dashboard Handbook(DOCX) – Use this handbook to verify your California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) data before it is used for the Dashboard.

Downloadable State and Local Indicator Data Files – Access LEA, school, and student group data statewide results for all state indicators as well as local indicator data submitted to the Dashboard by LEAs.


2022 Dashboard Communications Toolkit

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