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California Exemplary Arts Education Award

Recognizes some of California’s exemplary schools for excellence in Arts Education. Schools selected for the Exemplary Arts Education Award demonstrate broad-based achievement in Arts instruction and for advancing the Arts for all students.

Exemplary Arts Program Information

A component of the California School Recognition Program (CSRP), the California Exemplary Arts Education (EAE) Award was part of the California Distinguished Schools (DS) Program. In 2013, the California Department of Education (CDE) modified the California DS Program to award special recognition to EAE Programs. Eligible schools were able to apply to be recognized as a California EAE Awardee if they met the eligibility criteria to apply to be recognized as a California DS Awardee. Beginning in 2020, the California EAE Award will have its own eligibility criteria and application process.

Staying consistent with the California DS Program, the California EAE Award recognizes elementary and middle and high schools in alternate years and allows eligible schools to apply for the California EAE Award once every two years. Schools recognized as a California EAE School Awardee hold the Title for two years.

Schools recognized as a California EAE Awardee represent a broad cross-section of educational delivery models from traditional comprehensive elementary and high schools to Magnet schools to district and independent charters. These schools serve diverse demographic populations of varying sizes, the largest being a 3700-student urban population down to a 250-student rural population. Some schools serve primarily Title I students from lower socio-economic circumstances and others serve suburban populations with strong district and community financial support.


We are thankful for our California School Recognition Program Sponsors who help to make the California Exemplary Arts Education Program a success! The CSRP would not be successful without the generous support they provide. We appreciate their willingness to support our efforts to recognize California's exemplary students, teachers, classified employees, schools, and districts for achievement and for advancing excellence in education.

A sponsorship in the CSRP is a commitment to an ongoing partnership with public education by helping ensure that the dream of a world-class public education lives on in California.


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