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Assessment Spotlight, Issue 263

California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) email update, February 9, 2024.

Focusing on the CAASPP System and English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)—and including, when timely, updates on California’s other statewide assessments. For questions related to test administration, coordination, and trainings, visit the CAASPP website External link opens in new window or tab. and the ELPAC website External link opens in new window or tab. .

Charter School Assessment Coordinator Network Quarterly Meeting

With the CAASPP and Summative ELPAC testing windows now open, join us on Wednesday, February 28, 2024, from 9:30–11 a.m. for the next Charter School Assessment Coordinator Network Meeting.

Register External link opens in new window or tab. today to hear timely assessment updates, connect with other charter school assessment coordinators, and find new and innovative ways of managing statewide assessments in the unique context of a charter school.

Questions? Please contact us at

Science Test Universal Tools: Periodic Table and Formula Reference Sheet

Last week we reminded educators that the practice and training tests are available to help students become familiar with the types of questions and format of the California Science Test (CAST). These tests also offer students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the universal reference tools available during the assessment. Printable versions of these reference tools are also available for classroom use; however, CAST reference tools are not meant to guide instruction.

The CAST assessments for grade eight and high school include a periodic table. Students in grade eight and high school who use stacked Spanish translations while taking the CAST will be able to access a Spanish version of the periodic table through the test delivery system.

Formula reference sheets are also available on the CAST. These reference sheets provide scientific formulas students may need in responding to a test item, eliminating the need to memorize formulas.

More information about CAST reference tools can be found on the CAST web page External link opens in new window or tab. .

English Language Proficiency Assessments for California

The Summative ELPAC and Summative Alternate ELPAC Assessment window is now open and will close on May 31, 2024. All Summative ELPAC or Summative Alternate ELPAC tests must be completed by all students identified as English learners during this window. The ELPAC has a set testing window, so there is no need to set up an administration calendar for the ELPAC. However, you will need to ensure students are assigned to the correct tests if they should be taking the Summative Alternate ELPAC.

Congratulations to the first 395 local educational agencies (LEAs) who started Summative ELPAC testing the first two days of the window with almost 33,000 students completing at least one domain.

February’s Featured Resource in Tools for Teachers—Convert Measurements

Targeting instruction to what students need to learn has never been easier! This month’s featured Tools for Teachers resource is the Interim Assessment Connections Playlist titled, Convert Measurements External link opens in new window or tab. (account required). Math teachers can access this playlist for grade five topics and skills assessed by the Focused Interim Assessment Block to use during their instruction. Teachers have the advantage of using the instructional resources this playlist offers to help guide their students and boost learning in the classroom.

This playlist includes performance progressions that describe what students are likely to know and be able to do according to expectations for below, near, and above grade-level. Teachers access instructional resources on mathematical concepts that include Convert Linear Measurements, Convert Weight/Mass Measurements, Convert Liquid Measurements, Convert Time Measurements, and Line Plots. Ready-to-go lessons include step-by-step directions and downloadable materials, as well as a variety of ways to empower students to engage in their own learning. Best of all, teachers can use the playlist to support student goal setting and to provide guidance on various differentiation needs.

Each Interim Assessment Block corresponds to a Tools for Teachers Interim Assessment Connections Playlist that can be used to support students, dive deeper into the content, and plan next steps for instruction. To view this playlist and other instructional resources, LEA staff need a Tools for Teachers account which can be obtained either through self-registration, described in the flyer How to Self-Register for Tools for Teachers (PDF), or through their LEA CAASPP coordinator.

To receive future CAASPP updates and notifications, subscribe to the CAASPP mailing list by sending a blank email message to For previous Assessment Spotlight issues, visit the California Department of Education Assessment Spotlight web page.

Questions:   California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress Office | | 916-445-8765
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, February 13, 2024
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