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April 19, 2013 IQC Math Meeting Minutes

State of California
Edmund G. Brown Jr., Governor

Instructional Quality Commission
An advisory body to the California State Board of Education

Final Meeting Minutes: April 19, 2013

Mathematics Subject Matter Committee Teleconference Meeting

(Approved on May 10, 2013)

Report of Action

April 19, 2013
8 to 8:20 a.m.

Mathematics Subject Matter Committee (MSMC) Chair Ed D’Souza called the meeting to order.

  1. Welcome and Introductions (Information)

Commissioners and California Department of Education (CDE) staff present at the seven sites participating in the conference call identified themselves.

The following Commissioners participated:

  • Ed D’Souza in Denver, CO
  • Angel Barrett at Frank Del Olmo Elementary School
  • Jose Dorado at Osceola Street Elementary School
  • Lori Freiermuth at Olympian High School
  • Jo Ann Isken at Lennox School District
  • Julie Spykerman at Anaheim Union High School District

The following Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division (CFIRD) staff members were present at the CDE, Sacramento:

  • Tom Adams
  • Tracie Yee
  • Dmitriy Voloshin
  • Deborah Franklin
  • Jim Long

The following members of the public were present:

  • Bruce and Karen Grip in Denver, CO
  1. 2014 Mathematics Instructional Materials Adoption (Information/Action)
    a. Recommendation of Reviewers and Facilitators

MSMC Chair D’Souza asked Dmitriy Voloshin, CFIRD staff, to address the committee. Mr. Voloshin noted that at the March 21–22, 2013, meeting the full Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) delegated authority to the MSMC to approve additional applicants for Instructional Materials Reviewers (IMR) and Content Review (CRE) experts for the 2014 Mathematics Instructional Materials Primary Adoption. Since the March meeting, the CFIRD received 30 additional applications for IMRs and no additional applications for CREs. None of the applicants stated any conflict of interest; therefore, the CFIRD staff recommended that all applicants be considered for approval.

Applications Received March 9, 2013 through April 15, 2013
Submission ID Applicant Type First Name Last Name
709 Reviewer Adelita Martinez
710 Reviewer Monica Vallejo
724 Reviewer Lorri Stellhorn
725 Reviewer Jannelle Olivier
726 Reviewer Bama Medley
728 Reviewer Carol Kee
730 Reviewer Karen Kennedy
731 Reviewer Paul Juarez
732 Reviewer Allison Nazzaro
734 Reviewer Zhonghe Wu
735 Reviewer Stanley Firestone
736 Reviewer Jeffrey Burke
737 Reviewer Barbara Jacobs Ledbetter
738 Reviewer Nancy Matthews
739 Reviewer J. Christopher Paulus
740 Reviewer Julie McGough
741 Reviewer Yas-Meen West
743 Reviewer Jennifer Henry
744 Reviewer Christa Wallis
745 Reviewer Jane Wentzel
746 Reviewer Arlene Ashton
747 Reviewer Paul Ekk
748 Reviewer Christine Newell
749 Reviewer Maribel Guzman
750 Reviewer Jennifer Denton
751 Reviewer Jennifer Tillson
752 Reviewer Melanee Dismuke
753 Reviewer Vincent DeFabiis
754 Reviewer Kelli Wise
757 Reviewer Louanne Myers

Commissioner Isken noted that applicant #710 is from her district and had to withdraw. CFIRD staff confirmed the withdrawal of applicant #710.

Including applicants reviewed today, there is a total of 73 applicants to participate in the adoption. The goal is to have at least 100 applicants, therefore, the application deadline is being extended one week. The MSMC will receive a final cohort of applicants to be discussed at an additional scheduled teleconference meeting on April 29, 2013.

There was no other discussion. MSMC Chair D’Souza called for a motion.

ACTION: Commissioner Spykerman moved to recommend approval of the additional Instructional Materials Reviewers to the State Board of Education. Commissioner Freiermuth seconded the motion. There was no discussion or public comment.

There was a roll call vote. The motion was approved by a unanimous vote of the members present (6–0).

  1. Public Comment: None

MSMC Chair D’Souza adjourned the meeting.

Last Reviewed: Thursday, January 26, 2017
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