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Subject Matter Committee

State of California
Gavin Newsom, Governor

Instructional Quality Commission
An advisory body to the California State Board of Education

2019 Subject Matter Committee (SMC) Assignments
Executive Committee
  1. Soomin Chao, Commission Chair
  2. Jennifer Woo, Commission Vice Chair
  3. Lizette Diaz
  4. Melanie Murphy-Corwin
  5. Nicole Naditz
Arts SMC
  1. Julie Tonkovich, Chair
  2. Melanie Murphy-Corwin, Vice Chair
  3. Christine Chapman
  4. Deborah Costa Hernández
  5. Shay Fairchild
  6. Manuel Rustin
  7. Jennifer Woo
Education Technology Committee
  1. Melanie Murphy-Corwin, Chair
  2. David Phanthai, Vice Chair
  3. Christine Chapman
English Language Arts/English Language Development SMC
  1. David Phanthai, Chair
  2. Deborah Costa Hernández, Vice Chair
  3. Julie Tonkovich
Health SMC
  1. Jennifer Woo, Chair
  2. Shay Fairchild, Vice Chair
  3. Christine Chapman
  4. Deborah Costa Hernández
  5. Jose Iniguez
  6. Jose Lara
  7. Julie Tonkovich
History–Social Science SMC
  1. Lizette Diaz, Chair
  2. Yolanda Muñoz, Vice Chair
  3. Jose Lara
  4. David Phanthai
  5. Alma-Delia Renteria
  6. Manuel Rustin
  7. Pamela Williamson
Mathematics SMC
  1. Christine Chapman, Chair
  2. Jose Iniguez, Vice Chair
  3. Deborah Costa Hernández
  4. Lizette Diaz
  5. Yolanda Muñoz
  6. Alma-Delia Renteria
  7. Pamela Williamson
Physical Education SMC
  1. Jose Lara, Chair
  2. Manuel Rustin Vice Chair
  3. Julie Tonkovich
Science SMC
  1. Shay Fairchild, Chair
  2. Pamela Williamson, Vice Chair
  3. Jose Lara
World Languages SMC
  1. Nicole Naditz, Chair
  2. Alma-Delia Renteria, Vice Chair
  3. Lizette Diaz
  4. Jose Iniguez
  5. Yolanda Muñoz
  6. David Phanthai
  7. Pamela Williamson
Ad Hoc Committee on CA System of Support
  1. Jose Iniguez, Chair
  2. Nicole Naditz, Vice Chair
  3. Alma-Delia Renteria

*The Commission Chair serves as an ex-officio member of all of the Commission's SMCs and Ad Hoc Committee.

Commission Liaisons:

Concurrence Committee for California Subject Matter Projects (CSMP)
  1. Nicole Naditz
Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI)
  1. Jennifer Woo
Computer Science
  1. Melanie Murphy-Corwin


Last Reviewed: Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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