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Schedule of Significant Events

Schedule of Significant Events for the 2014 Mathematics Primary Adoption.

Schedule of Significant Events
2014 Mathematics Primary Adoption

(Accelerated Schedule per Assembly Bill 1246)

Event Date(s)

Survey of publisher interest

October 2012

Curriculum Framework and Evaluation Criteria Committee meets to develop criteria

November 1–2, 2012

Instructional Quality Commission (IQC) approves reviewer application and adoption timeline

December 10, 2012

IQC recommends evaluation criteria to the State Board of Education (SBE)

December 10, 2012

Assembly Bill 1246 takes effect

January 1, 2013

SBE approves modifications to California additions to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics

January 16–17, 2013

SBE approves reviewer application and adoption timeline

January 16–17, 2013

SBE approves initiation of emergency regulations process. Authorizing legislation must be in place; regulations are good for 180 days.

January 16–17, 2013

SBE adopts evaluation criteria for CCSS-aligned instructional materials

January 16–17, 2013

Recruitment of reviewers (at least 90 days per 5 CCR §9513)

January 18–April 18, 20131

Invitation to Submit Meeting; fee waiver requests due

Late January 2013

SBE takes action on publisher fee waiver requests

March 2013

IQC recommends reviewers to SBE

April 19, 20132

SBE appoints reviewers

May 2013

Submission date

May 2013

Reviewer Training

June 2013

Publishers provide samples of instructional materials to reviewers and Learning Resource Display Centers

June 2013

Independent Review

June–August 2013

Reviewer Deliberations

September 2013

SBE holds public meeting to receive comment
(EC 60203)

October 2013

IQC makes recommendation

January 2014

SBE takes action on recommendation

March 2014
New mathematics adoption list established

1Applications will continue to be accepted until sufficient reviewers are selected. If necessary, reviewers will serve provisionally until SBE action.

2May be a conference call and/or Mathematics Subject Matter Committee meeting.

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