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Students are prepared for postsecondary education and employment in various transportation industries.


The Transportation Industry plays a crucial role in our society because transporting goods and people is central to a global economy. As the transportation industry sector continues to expand significantly, employment opportunities will continue to grow for years to come in a vast range of transportation-related occupations. The transportation industry must continue to adapt to changing technology and repair techniques as vehicle components and systems become increasingly sophisticated. Examples include developments in rocket technology, super-capacity jet airplanes, drone technology, fully electric, hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell technology affecting automobiles, and diesel trucks that run on bio-diesel or other alternative fuels. This industry also plays an important part in education through financial and in-kind support for training and educating the current and future workforce.

Transportation Services include: Automotive, Aircraft, Marine, and High Speed Rail Systems. The Transportation Industry sector features three career pathways that provide opportunities from entry-level jobs requiring high school diplomas to progressive careers requiring advanced degrees, licenses, and certifications. These pathways emphasize real-world, occupationally relevant experiences of significant scope and depth in order to prepare students for postsecondary education and employment in various transportation industries.

Transportation Industry Sector Pathways


Working collaboratively in a team environment with a specific task to manage the day-to-day operations of a given transportation related industry which includes but is not limited to automotive sales, service, repair facilities, airports, train stations, warehousing/distribution centers, and marine harbors and ports.

Structural Repair and Refinishing

Collision Repair and Refinishing includes, but is not limited to, estimating, painting, repairing, and refinishing vehicles of all types.

Systems Diagnostics, Service, and Repair

Vehicle Maintenance, Service, and Repair includes, but is not limited to, maintaining, servicing, and repairing light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles of all types.

Sample of Career Technical Education Courses
Table illustrates required education level and related occupations for the three transportation industry sector pathways as follows: Operations, Structural Repair and Refinishing, Systems Diagnostics, Service, and Repair.


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