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CDE Listservs

Information about listservs maintained by the California Department of Education.

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The California Department of Education (CDE) maintains e-mail lists (listservs) for stakeholders interested in the programs listed below. This page allows you to subscribe and unsubscribe to these lists at any time. If you change your e-mail address, you must re-subscribe with your new e-mail address.

How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe

Selecting the subscribe or unsubscribe links for your chosen list will cause your default e-mail program to open a blank pre-addressed e-mail. There is no need to include a subject or message content. Simply send this e-mail in order to submit your subscribe or unsubscribe request for your chosen list.

Listserv Name Description Subscribe Unsubscribe
Accountability Report Card

As required by state and federal law, the State Accountability Report Card (STARC), the Local Educational Agency Accountability Report Card (LARC), and the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) reports are annually posted on CDE Web sites.

The Accountability Report Card listserv is used to communicate general information (non-confidential and non-sensitive) to the local educational agencies (LEAs) the updates of the report cards and related program information.
California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)

Weekly issue, wherein the subscriber receives the latest CAASPP news, including alternate assessments and science test developments.
CA Curriculum and Instruction News and Events Join the California Curriculum and Instruction News and Events Listserv to receive information about curriculum, frameworks, standards, and instructional resources, as well as opportunities to participate.
CALPADS-LEA The CALPADS-LEA listserv is a private listserv restricted to LEAs. CDE staff may also request to join this listserv. All requests for membership will be reviewed before approval is granted. LEA subscribers must use their LEA assigned email in order to join.
CALPADS Special Education Support Listserv Provide special education data coordinators and special education local plan area-level data coordinators with timely information on special education related data collection in CALPADS.

Early Education (EED)
Program Information

Periodically the Early Education and Support Division sends e-mail messages to interested parties about various EED programs and services.

EED Program Information e-mail list
Early Education (EED)
Executive Directors

If you are a EED agency Executive Director: As required by contract Funding Terms and Conditions, Executive Directors of EED contract agencies MUST subscribe to the "Executive Director" list so that they will receive critical documents and instructions related to their contract(s).

EED Executive Directors e-mail list
Early Education (EED)
Program Directors
If you are a EED agency Program Director: As required by contract Funding Terms and Conditions, Program Directors of EED contract agencies MUST subscribe to the "Program Director" list so that they will receive critical documents and instructions related to their contract(s). EED Program Directors e-mail list
English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)

A monthly update containing the latest ELPAC news.
CDE Press Publication Subscribers will receive updates on materials available from CDE Press including new titles and items that are "coming soon." Updates are sent approximately 4-6 times per year.
CDS Users Receive updates on changes being made to the CDS data, Public Schools Database, or California School Directory.
Charter Schools Provides the California charter school community and other interested parties a conduit to important and time sensitive information from the CDE.

Continuation Education Join the continuation education listserv to receive timely information about the establishment and operation of continuation education schools and programs This includes professional development and funding opportunities, opportunities for your students, and policy and best practices.
DataQuest Listserv Subscribers will receive information via e-mail regarding DataQuest updates, including new data releases (e.g. reports and downloadable files), new report options and functionality, data release schedules, reporting documentation, and periodic data analysis summary, overview, and findings.
E-Rate Program E-rate and the California Teleconnect Fund (CTF) are programs that provide discounts on telecommunication costs to eligible schools. Subscribers to the E-rate e-mail list will receive updates about E-rate and the CTF programs.
LCFF Subscribers will receive programmatic and implementation updates regarding Local Control Funding Formula and the Local Control and Accountability Plan.
School Nutrition Programs Provides funding to support five school meal and milk programs to assist schools, districts, and other agencies in providing nutritious meals and milk to children at reasonable prices or free for qualified applicants. The five programs are: National School Lunch Program (NSLP), School Breakfast Program (SBP), Seamless Summer Feeding Option (SSFO), Special Milk Program (SMP), and State Meal Program (STM).
State and Federal Program Directors The State and Federal Programs Director Meetings (SFPD), in partnership with California Association of Administrators of State and Federal Education Programs (CAASFEP) provides technical support to local educational agencies (LEAs) on state and federal funded programs. Support includes training, assistance, and updates for administrators across the state.

State Board of Education The 11-member State Board of Education is California’s K-12 policy-making body for academic standards, curriculum, instructional materials, assessments and accountability.
Summer Food Service Program Provides funding to support meals served to children who are on school vacation in areas where 50 percent of the children qualify for free or reduced-priced school meals. Camp sites may receive reimbursement for serving meals to children who are income eligible. Non-school agencies may be reimbursed for snacks in after-school settings.
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