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Class Size Reduction (K-3)

Repository archive entry for the Class Size Reduction (K-3) program in the Programs No Longer Administered by the California Department of Education (CDE) Section of the CDE Web site.

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Kindergarten and Grades One through Three (K–3) Class Size Reduction (CSR) Program

Time Period

1996–97 through 2012–13

Authorizing Legislation

Senate Bill 1777 (Chapter 163, Statutes of 1996)

Source of Appropriation/Budget Act Item

Budget Act Item 6110-234-0001 and various Budget Trailer Bills from 2008–09 through 2012–13

Applicable Statutes/Regulations

California Education Code sections 52120-52128.5, Title 5 California Code of Regulations sections 15103 and 15130-15133

Program Description

The K–3 CSR Program was established in 1996 to improve education, especially in reading and mathematics, in kindergarten and grades one through three. The K–3 CSR Program provided funds to school districts and charter schools that reduced one or more classes to 20 pupils or fewer per certificated teacher. Classes were reduced based on the following grade-level priority: first grade, second grade, then third grade or kindergarten or both. Class sizes were computed based on the average daily enrollment in each class, and with the exception of small school districts and classes claimed for reduced funding, could not exceed 20.44 pupils.

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