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English Learner Roadmap

The California English Learner Roadmap: Strengthening Comprehensive Educational Policies, Programs, and Practices for English Learners is a dynamic collection of resources and guidance.

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California's Vision and Mission of Success for English Learners

The California State Board of Education unanimously approved the California English Learner Roadmap State Board of Education Policy: Educational Programs and Services for English Learners (EL Roadmap Policy) on July 12, 2017. This policy is intended to provide guidance to local educational agencies (LEAs) on welcoming, understanding, and educating the diverse population of students who are English learners attending California public schools. The California English Learner Roadmap: Strengthening Comprehensive Educational Policies, Programs, and Practices for English Learners (CA EL Roadmap) builds on the EL Roadmap Policy and provides further guidance on educating English learners. The CA EL Roadmap supports LEAs as they implement the EL Roadmap Policy.


English learners fully and meaningfully access and participate in a twenty-first century education from early childhood through grade twelve that results in their attaining high levels of English proficiency, mastery of grade level standards, and opportunities to develop proficiency in multiple languages.


California schools affirm, welcome, and respond to a diverse range of English learner (EL) strengths, needs, and identities. California schools prepare graduates with the linguistic, academic, and social skills and competencies they require for college, career, and civic participation in a global, diverse, and multilingual world, thus ensuring a thriving future for California.

Web-based Resources

The resources on this web page are intended to support educators as they implement the EL Roadmap Policy.

These materials are not meant to be exhaustive but rather dynamic. The resources provided here are continually updated as new illustrative case examples become available.

  • Policy and Printed Document: This page contains the EL Roadmap Policy and the printable guidance document that, together with this web page, make up the CA EL Roadmap.
  • Research: This page contains research related to EL program development.
  • CA EL Roadmap Principles: These pages contain information on each of the principles and illustrative examples demonstrating each principle in action.
  • Characteristics of Examples: This page describes the characteristics of examples for inclusion in the CA EL Roadmap.
  • Illustrative Case Examples: This page contains illustrative case examples from the field that illustrate the CA EL Roadmap principles and elements in action.
  • Crosswalk to LCAP: This page contains a crosswalk between the CA EL Roadmap principles and the LCAP state priorities.
  • Resources: This page contains frequently asked questions about the CA EL Roadmap and resources for LEAs and the public to use. This page includes an "At a Glance" information sheet and presentations on the CA EL Roadmap.
  • Communications and Updates: This page contains letters and other communications on the CA EL Roadmap. This page also includes dates and locations of upcoming regional presentations and workshops.
  • Archives: This page contains previous EL Roadmap information including workgroup members and meetings that were held.
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