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2023–24 ConApp Program Guidance

Program guidance provided by the categorical program offices to assist in completing the 2023–24 Consolidated Application (ConApp) Winter and Spring Release data collections.

Program Guidance for the Winter Release

Program Guidance for some of the federal programs included in the 2023–24 Consolidated Application (ConApp) Winter Release to assist local educational agencies (LEAs) in completing the ConApp. This Program Guidance is intended primarily for LEA staff who are involved in the completion of the ConApp using the Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS), but may also be helpful to anyone who is reviewing the ConApp.

The CARS is a web-based system used to apply for funding, collect and report ConApp data, and track categorical program expenditures and activities.

2023–24 Winter Release Table of Contents

Program Guidance for the Spring Release

The Spring Release of the 2023–24 ConApp for Funding Categorical Aid Programs collects information related to LEAs intention to participate in 2023–24 consolidated application programs, and includes legal assurances of compliance as required by state and federal statute, and other required program participation information. The ConApp is submitted electronically by LEAs. All pages which contain original signatures must be maintained on file in the LEAs office.

2023–24 Spring Release Table of Contents

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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