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Learning Loss Mitigation Funding

Federal and state funding provided to LEAs for activities that directly support pupil academic achievement and mitigate learning loss related to COVID-19 school closures.

Pursuant to Section 110 of Senate Bill 98 (Chapter 24, 2020), Learning Loss Mitigation Funding sources include Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security(CARES) Act Governor's Emergency Education Relief (GEER), Section 18002; CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Fund, Section 5001; and General Fund.


Fiscal Year 2020–21

Learning Loss Mitigation Funding 2020 Funding Profile - Program Description and Funding
Learning Loss Mitigation Funding 2020 Funding Results - Entitlements, Apportionments and Letters

Other Fiscal Information


Learning Loss Mitigation Funding
Application/Assurances, and Funding Sources

Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) Source Data (XLSX)
LCFF data sources used in the calculation of Learning Loss Mitigation Funding allocations

CARES Act Funding Home Page

Expenditure Report - Coming Soon

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Program Questions:
Questions about the application process, use of funds, and reporting requirements.

Fiscal Questions: Julie Klein Briggs,
Questions about the determination of Local Education Agency allocation amounts and the timing and apportionment of funds

Questions:   Julie Klein Briggs | | 916-323-6191
Last Reviewed: Thursday, January 27, 2022
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