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2021–22 Title I Part D Subpart 2 LEA Allocations

Consolidated Application Winter Release data entry instructions for the 2021–22 Title I, Part D Subpart 2 Local Educational Agency (LEA) Allocations and Reservations data collection form.
Data Collection Purpose

The purpose of this data collection form is to calculate the total allocation amount available to the local educational agency (LEA) for Title I, Part D Subpart 2, Neglected, Delinquent, and At-Risk Youth, and to report required reservations.

Program Information

The purpose of Title I, Part D Subpart 2 is to support the operation of LEA programs that involve collaboration with locally operated correctional facilities (ESSA Section 1421[1]-[3]):

  • To carry out high quality education programs to prepare children and youth for secondary school completion, training, employment, or further education;
  • To provide activities to facilitate the transition of such children and youth from the correctional program to further education or employment;
  • To operate programs in local schools for children and youth returning from correctional facilities, and programs which may serve at-risk children and youth.
For more information, please refer to the California Department of Education (CDE) Title I, Part D Subpart 2 web page.
CDE Program Staff Contact

Sherry Davis
Education Programs Consultant
Title I Policy, Program, and Support Office

Displayed Data - Allocation and Transfers

2021–22 Title I, Part D Subpart 2 allocation: Source data from CDE Title I, Parts A and D web page.

Transferred-in amount: Data displays as reported in the same fiscal year Federal Transferability data collection form.

2021–22 Available allocation: The Title I, Part D Subpart 2 allocation amount plus transferred-in amount.

2021–22 Approved indirect cost rate: Source data from the CDE Indirect Cost Rates (ICR) web page.
Step Action Program Instructions
1 Enter the amount of the Indirect Cost Reservation.

Optional field. The field is pre-populated with the indirect cost reservation amount based on the ICR to the available allocation; the amount can be edited by the LEA. Final approved rates are posted on the CDE ICR web page.

2 Enter the amount of the Administrative Reservation. Optional field. The field is pre-populated with the amount of the 15% maximum minus the pre-populated indirect cost reservation; the amount can be edited by the LEA.
Displayed Data - Adjusted Allocation

2021–22 Title I, Part D Subpart 2 adjusted allocation: The available allocation amount minus the indirect cost reservation amount and the administrative reservation amount.

Error Messages
Field Name Error Message Resolution
Not field name specific Administrative and indirect costs reservations cannot exceed 15% of the 2021–22 available allocation. Ensure that the administrative and indirect costs are appropriate.
Not field name specific Administrative and indirect costs reservations cannot be greater than the available allocation. Reduce reservation amounts as needed.
Not field name specific Federal Transferability must be certified before this submission. Certification dependency. Certify the referenced form before or at the same time as this data collection.

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