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Necessary Small SELPA ECPMH

Special Education Necessary Small SELPAs’ ECP for Mental Health Services Apportionment.

Special Education - Necessary Small SELPAs' ECP for Mental Health Services

Necessary Small SELPAs' ECP for Mental Health Services Funding

This program reimburses necessary small special education local plan areas (SELPAs) as defined in California Education Code Section 56212, for extraordinary cost pool associated with educationally related mental health services, including out-of-home residential services. Funding for this program calculates only at Annual on the Necessary Small SELPAs’ Extraordinary Cost Pool for Mental Health Services Process (NSS ECPMH) exhibit and populates on the SELPA Special Education Funding Exhibit. To access the NSS ECPHM, click on the appropriate exhibit link below and select Annual, Annual R1, Annual R2, or Annual R3 from the Period dropdown box.

Fiscal Year 2020–21

Fiscal Year 2019–20

Fiscal Year 2018–19

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Last Reviewed: Friday, June 18, 2021
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