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Curriculum Frameworks & Instructional Materials

Information on all subject areas.

Curriculum frameworks provide guidance for implementing the content standards adopted by the State Board of Education (SBE). Frameworks are developed by the Instructional Quality Commission, formerly known as the Curriculum Development and Supplemental Materials Commission, which also reviews and recommends textbooks and other instructional materials to be adopted by the SBE.

Schools in California, other states and abroad may review and use the California State Board of Education-adopted Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks in developing their own curricula. However, no such school shall use the California Department of Education's (CDE) or California SBE’s respective names or logos on any resulting curriculum materials or imply that any such materials are approved or endorsed by CDE or the SBE. Furthermore, the Content Standards and Curriculum Frameworks are protected by copyright, and the above authorization for others to review and consider these materials does not permit publishing, distributing, or making any other use of any part of the materials, unless separately authorized. Please see CDE’s copyright statement.

Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Materials Highlights

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Curriculum Frameworks

Instructional Materials

  1. Guidance on Removal of Instruction or Instructional Materials
  2. Free Educational Resources for Distance Learning
  3. California–Adopted Instructional Materials Programs
    Instructional materials programs adopted by the California State Board of Education by subject matter.
  4. Instructional Materials Frequently Asked Questions
    Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding instructional materials, funding, sufficiency and the Williams settlement.
  5. Instructional Materials Adoptions General Information
    Learn about the adoption process, schedule, piloting, and other information.
  6. Instructional Materials Evaluation and Adoption Process -CalEdFacts
  7. Clearinghouse for Specialized Media & Technology
    Information and resources that support access to the general curriculum by students with disabilities.
  8. Listing of Learning Resource Display Centers (LRDC's)
  9. Liability for Lost or Damaged Instructional Materials
    See information from the California Education Code regarding damage to student-issued instructional materials.
  10. Price List Search and Adopted Materials Publisher Information
  11. Social Content Review
    Search for instructional materials that comply with SBE guidelines for Social Content.
  12. Funding for Instructional Materials
  13. Instructional Materials Survey Forms
    The gathered information is used to assist in evaluating the sufficiency of instructional materials.
  14. Free List Procedures and Marketing Practices:
  15. Senate Bill 48 FAQ
    Find answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the implementation of Senate Bill 48 (Chapter 81 of the Statutes of 2011).
  16. Cesar Chavez Model Curriculum External link opens in new window or tab.
    Access standards-based model curriculum on the life and work of César E. Chávez for Kindergarten through grade 12. 
  17. School Libraries
    Find information to help improve school libraries in California.
  18. Arts, Music, and Instructional Materials Discretionary Block Grant—AB 185, Sec. 56

California Indian Education Act

California Indian Education Act
Information for local educational agencies who have created California Indian Education task forces.

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