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Topic: Important Reminder to update the Student English Language Acquisition Status (ELAS) in CALPADS Prior to Summative Testing for the English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC).

To:           Local Educational Agency (LEA) Representatives

From:      California Department of Education (CDE) –
                California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) Team

Date:       December 17, 2019

SubjectCALPADS Update FLASH #168

Important Reminder to update the Student English Language Acquisition Status in CALPADS Prior to Summative Testing for the English Language Proficiency Assessment for California

All English learners must be assessed annually with the Summative English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC). In order to be tested, students must have an English Language Acquisition Status (ELAS) of English Learner (EL) in CALPADS. Therefore, it is critical that students’ ELAS are up-to-date in CALPADS before the Summative ELPAC testing opens on February 3, 2020, in order that students may be tested. In addition, any students’ initial ELAS statuses that have been corrected through one of the allowable correction processes specified in Title V Regulations should be updated in CALPADS prior to summative testing.

Our data shows that there are over 5,000 students statewide who have an EL designation in the Test Operations Management System (TOMS), Local Scoring Tool (LST), but who have an ELAS in CALPADS of “TBD.” This means that while LEAs assessed students with the Initial ELPAC, they have not updated their ELAS from TBD to EL in CALPADS. Analysis of the CALPADS data also finds that many LEAs received a warning in the CALPADS Fall 1 submission that they needed to update students’ TBD status, but many LEAs ignored the warning. If a student is identified as EL on or before Census Day, it may positively impact a school’s Unduplicated Pupil Count used to determine supplemental and concentration grant funding under the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).

It is best practice to update CALPADS immediately after a student is tested with the Initial ELPAC and identified as EL. This will particularly be important for students who enroll in a school and take the Initial ELPAC before or during the summative testing window, as these students must also take the Summative ELPAC before May 31.

Please work with your LEA ELPAC coordinator to remind sites/test examiners to update the LEA’s student information system (as directed) with a student’s English Language Acquisition Status and Date Testing Completed as determined by the Local Scoring Tool result.

Questions:   CALPADS/CBEDS/CDS Operations Office | | 916-324-6738
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, December 17, 2019
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