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CALPADS System Documentation

The system documents on this page assist in using CALPADS.

The California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) is the foundation of California's K–12 education data system that allows for tracking a student's academic performance over time. This page is part of the California Department of Education's (CDE's) CALPADS Web Portal.

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2017–18 CALPADS Certification Report

System Documentation

CALPADS User Manual

  • CALPADS User Manual v8.5 (DOC; 39MB; Dated 09-May-2017)
    This document contains detailed instructions regarding how to use CALPADS.

CALPADS Assessment User Manual

  • CALPADS Assessment User Manual v2.4 (DOC; 5MB; Dated 23-May-2016)
    This document is an extension of the CALPADS User Manual. It includes information relevant only to assessment functionality

CALPADS File Specifications (CFS)

  • CALPADS Code Sets v9.4 (XLSX; Dated 08-May-2018)
    This document contains the current code values referenced in the file specifications for the coded value data elements. CALPADS course codes (formerly CBEDS course codes) are included in this document (see the "Course Group State" code set).
  • CALPADS File Specifications v9.2 (DOC; Dated 19-Dec-2017)
    This document includes overviews of the file formats, data submission windows, and document conventions.
  • CALPADS File Specifications (Forms) v9.3 (XLSX; Dated 08-May-2018)
    This document contains the file formats for CALPADS.
  • CALPADS Extract Specifications v9.0 (DOC; Dated 01-Jul-2017)
    This document serves to assist LEAs in understanding the extract specifications for CALPADS.
  • CALPADS Valid Code Combinations v9.3 (XLSX; Dated 08-May-2018)
    This document lists codes that can only be used in specific combinations in CALPADS.

CALPADS Error List

  • CALPADS Error List v9.6 (XLSX; Dated 08-May-2018)
    This document contains descriptions for each error generated when submitting data to CALPADS.

CALPADS SSID and Enrollment Procedures

CALPADS Data Guide

  • CALPADS Data Guide v9.3 (DOCX; New 08-May-2018)
    This document provides guidance for LEAs regarding the collection and submission of data for CALPADS.

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Last Reviewed: Thursday, June 14, 2018
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