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CALPADS Communications

This page contains communications related to CALPADS including system updates, correspondence, and newsletters.

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2018–19 CALPADS County-Level Certification Report

Earlier CALPADS communications (for prior academic years) are located in the CALPADS Communications Archive.

Contents of this page:

CALPADS Update FLASH: 2018–19 Academic Year (Flash numbers 139 thru current)

The CALPADS Update FLASHES listed below include abbreviated descriptions of the contents of each FLASH memo.
Listed in descending order with the most recent on top.

Earlier CALPADS Flash communications for prior academic years are located in the CALPADS Communications Archive.

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Topic Specific Correspondence

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C2C Newsletters

C2C News: December 2018

CASEMIS to CALPADS Transition Updates: December 18, 2018 (18-Dec-2018)

C2C News: April 2018

CASEMIS to CALPADS Transition Updates: New CDE EDGO Web Pages (09-Apr-2018)

C2C News: March 2018

CASEMIS to CALPADS Transition Updates: Obtaining SSIDs for Students with Disabilities - Webinar (05-Mar-2018)

C2C News: December 2017

CASEMIS to CALPADS Transition Updates: Request for Workgroup Participants (04-Dec-2017)

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CALPADS Information Meetings (CIM)

April 2018 CIM

CALPADS Information Meeting – April 17, 2018External link opens in new window or tab. (Video; 03:07:04)
YouTube video of the April 17, 2018 CALPADS Information Meeting (CIM).

Past CIM Events

To view past CIM events for prior academic years: Visit the CALPADS Communications Archive (CIM events are located under the "Webinars and Presentations – Archive" heading).

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Assessment and Accountability

California School Dashboard: New Career Measures Collected for the College/Career Indicator (Dated 05-Apr-2019)
Letter sent to Dashboard, Accountability, and Dashboard Alternative School Status Coordinators regarding new career measures collected for the College/Career Indicator on the California School Dashboard.

To view earlier communications (associated with prior academic years), see the CALPADS Communications Archive.

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Letters to Superintendents (including Fall Back-to-School Letter and Mid-Year Update)

Correspondence for prior academic years is located in the CALPADS Communications Archive.

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Charter School Reporting Status Change Form

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To receive information and updates regarding CALPADS, please subscribe to the appropriate CALPADS Listserv.

Earlier CALPADS communications are located in the CALPADS Communications Archive.

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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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