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CWPJAC Agenda Item 03 Attachment 2, May 29, 2019

The California Workforce Pathways Joint Advisory Committee (CWPJAC) will address college and career pathways that target California’s regional economies.

Proposed Timeline of Activities for the Development of the California State Plan for Career Technical Education (CTE)


Date Activity
May 27
Open Initial CTE Survey
May 29
California Workforce Pathways Joint Advisory Committee (CWPJAC) Meeting
June 17
Stakeholder Meeting #1
June 21
Close Initial CTE Survey
July 12
CWPJAC Meeting  
July 15
Stakeholder Meeting #2
September 13
CWPJAC Meeting  
October 25
Complete Draft Plan A for January SBE Meeting
November 8

CWPJAC Meeting              

Incorporate CWPJAC edits for public feedback survey

November 15
Open Public Feedback Survey
November 15
Public Meeting #1 in Sacramento
November 18

Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting, Informational Item

December 3

Public Meeting #2 - Los Angeles

Linking with the national Association for Career Technical Education Conference (ACTE) in Anaheim beginning on December 4, 2019.

December State Board of Education (SBE), Informational Item

December 20
Close Public Feedback Survey


Date Activity
January 8
SBE Meeting, Draft Plan A is presented
CWPJAC Meeting      
January 13
BOG Meeting, Draft Plan A approved with any recommendations
March 11 & 12
SBE Meeting, State Plan approved
March 13
To Governor for approval (30 days)
March 16
BOG Meeting, Final Plan (informational item)
April 12
Governor Approval Complete
Submit Plan to the U.S. Department of Education (Sometime in April or May)
Questions: Lisa Reimers | | 916-324-5634 
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, May 29, 2019