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Answers common Child Development Provider Accounting Reporting Information System or CPARIS FAQs regarding logging in, passwords, user roles, and reporting as of August 10, 2020

Frequently Asked Login and Password Questions

  1. I received the message “CPARIS access is not available to you. Contact CPARIS Support to grant you access” when I try to logon. Why don’t I have access?

    This message means that the username that you are attempting to log in with has been established through the Centralized Authentication System (CAS) but has not been granted access to CPARIS. Access to CPARIS is granted by the Agency Admin user. If you receive this message, contact your Agency Admin user and provide them with your username. If you do not know who the Agency Admin user is at your agency, contact your fiscal analyst.

  2. I received the message “Invalid Username or Password. You must register in CAS (below) before you can logon to the System.”

    You are receiving this message for one of three reasons:

    • The password has been entered incorrectly.

    To reset your password, refer to the instructions in question 3 below.

    • The username has been typed incorrectly.

    Contact your Agency Admin to verify the username.

    • You have not registered a username or password.

    From the CPARIS logon screen, click on “New Registration.” The web browser will be redirected to CAS to create a username and password. Follow the prompts; upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Provide the email to your Agency Admin user to be added as a user of CPARIS.

  3. I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

    To reset a forgotten password, from the CPARIS logon screen, follow these steps:

    • Select the “Forgot Password” link from the CAS User Links options. The link redirects you to CAS.
    • Enter your username.
    • Enter your email address.
    • Select one of the two security questions that you chose when you created your user account, then enter the answer you previously chose.
      If you do not remember either of your security questions, then we recommend attempting to answer all of the security questions until you answer one correctly as the system will not lock you out for answering a question incorrectly.
    • Select Submit.
    • If you entered the above information correctly, you will receive a message that an email has been sent to your email address. If you don’t receive the email, please check your junk email folder.
    • The email will contain a long alphanumeric Temporary User ID. Select the "go to" link in the email.
    • After the link has opened, copy and paste (or enter) the Temporary User ID from the email into the Temporary User ID field.
    • Enter a new password into the second field. Passwords must meet the following criteria: at least eight characters; at least one uppercase letter; at least one lowercase letter; at least one number; and at least one special character, such as !@#$%^&*.
    • Enter the new password, again, into the third field.
    • Select the Enter key or Submit option.

    The system will indicate in black lettering that your password reset was successful. If you do not receive this message, an error occurred.

  4. Do passwords expire?

    Yes, passwords expire every 90 days. After an attempt to logon, if your password has expired, then the CPARIS screen will display a password expired statement in red lettering. To reset an expired password, from the CPARIS logon screen, follow these steps:

    • Select the "Update" link from the CAS User Links options. The link redirects you to the CAS.
    • Enter your username.
    • Enter your Current Password.
    • From the Menu, select Update Password.
    • Enter your current password.
    • Enter a new password.
    • Then enter the new password, again, in the Confirm Password field.
    • Select Update.

    A message stating that you successfully updated your password should display. It is important to remember that CAS does not take you back to CPARIS. Once you have successfully updated your password, you must log out of CAS. Close any browser windows that were open to CAS and/or CPARIS, wait one to five minutes, then log into CPARIS with your username and new password.

    Note: Please do not let your system save your password. If the password field on the CPARIS logon screen displays dots or asterisks, then it is likely your old password that is still saved there. You may have to clear the cache from your computer in order to delete the old saved password. You can consult with your agency’s technology office for assistance in clearing your cache from your particular system.

Frequently Asked User Role Questions

  1. What is an Agency Admin user?

    An Agency Admin user is a user with additional permissions. This user has the ability to view payment information, view report data, and manage users.

  2. Is there a limit to the number of Agency Admin users at my agency?

    No. Agencies must have at least one Agency Admin user, but they are allowed to have multiple Agency Admin users.

  3. Our agency’s Agency Admin user needs to be changed. What is the process we should follow?

    Agency Admin users can update roles by navigating to the User Management tab in CPARIS and selecting the username they wish to modify. Upon selection of the username, the Update User screen will appear. Select the updated role and click Save. If your agency only designates one Agency Admin user, and that person leaves the agency without designating another Agency Admin user, please contact your fiscal analyst.

  4. How do I add new users at my agency?

    New users must be added by an Agency Admin user. To add new users, navigate to the user management tab. Type in the username of the person you are adding and click save.

Frequently Asked Reporting Questions

  1. Can I print my report?

    Yes. CPARIS is a web-based system, and allows printing from within your web browser.

  2. Will CDNFS accept hard copy reports now that the electronic reporting feature has been added to CPARIS?

    No. Beginning in FY 2020-21, CCTR, CSPP, and CMIG reports are required to be submitted in the CPARIS Reports portal. Until further notice, please continue to submit hard copy reports for all other contract types. Additional communication will be released from CDNFS as other reports are added to CPARIS.

Questions:   Cate Washington| | 916-322-8332
Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 25, 2020
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