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Quarterly lottery apportionments, revenue projections, and reports on lottery expenditures to the Legislature as required by the Budget Act.

Lottery Frequently Asked Questions

Quarterly Lottery Apportionments

Fiscal Year 2021–22

Fourth Quarter Apportionment (Dated 30-Sep-2022)
Third Quarter Apportionment (Dated 07-Jul-2022)
Second Quarter Apportionment (Dated 05-Apr-2022)

First Quarter Apportionment (Dated 30-Dec-2021)

Fiscal Year 2020–21

Fourth Quarter Apportionment (Dated 30-Sep-2021)
Third Quarter Apportionment (Dated 19-Jul-2021)
Second Quarter Apportionment (Dated 12-Apr-2021)
First Quarter Apportionment (Dated 20-Jan-2021)

Fiscal Year 2019–20

Fourth Quarter Apportionment (Dated 30-Sep-2020)
Third Quarter Apportionment (Dated 30-Jun-2020)

Second Quarter Apportionment (Dated 30-Mar-2020)

First Quarter Apportionment (Dated 03-Jan-2020)

Fiscal Year 2018–19

Fourth Quarter Apportionment (Dated 30-Sep-2019)
Third Quarter Apportionment (Dated 26-Jun-2019)
Second Quarter Apportionment (Dated 29-Mar-2019)

First Quarter Apportionment (Dated 10-Jan-2019)

Fiscal Year 2017–18

Fourth Quarter Apportionment (Dated 28-Sep-2018)
Third Quarter Apportionment (Dated 29-Jun-2018)
Second Quarter Apportionment (Dated 30-Mar-2018)
First Quarter Apportionment (Dated 03-Jan-2018)

Lottery Revenue Projections and Accruals

Fiscal Year 2022–23

Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 08-Jul-2022

Fiscal Year 2021–22

Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 19-Jul-2021

Fiscal Year 2020–21

Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 30-Jun-2020

Fiscal Year 2019–20

Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 26-Jun-2019

Fiscal Year 2018–19

Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 29-Jun-2018

Fiscal Year 2017–18

Lottery Revenue Projections and Fourth Quarter Accrual 30-Jun-2017

Proposition 20 Lottery Funds

Implementation of Proposition 20 - Lottery Funds for Instructional Material (DOC)

Lottery Expenditure Reports

Reports on Lottery Expenditures for K-12 Education

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