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An overview of the entire California Department of Education (CDE) showing branches and divisions.

Executive Office

Tony Thurmond, State Superintendent of Public Instruction and Director of Education

Office of the Chief Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction -- Mary Nicely

Information & Technology Branch--Mary Nicely

Office of the State Superintendent

Superintendent's Initiatives Office--Steve Zimmer, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

Strategy, Planning, Special Projects Branch -- Jennie Carreon, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction

Branches and Divisions

Equity Branch--Dr. Daniel Lee
Dr. Lee will be working to bring cohesion in all of the CDE's equity work, and will also facilitate our newly created counseling coalition to help support CDE’s organizational development around building counseling, social emotional learning (SEL), and other whole child programs.

Instruction, Measurement & Administration Branch--Cheryl Cotton, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction
Oversees programs promoting improved student achievement. Programs include statewide student assessment, school and district interventions, state and federal accountability, collection and reporting of educational data.

Legal & Audits Branch -- Amy Bisson Holloway, General Counsel

Opportunities for All Branch -- Sarah Neville-Morgan, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction
Helps all students—from infant and toddlers to adults—to fulfill their goals by supporting teachers, educators, and school and district leaders while celebrating diversity and embracing inclusion before, during, and after school.

Operations & Administration Branch -- Lisa Constancio, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction
Oversees the CDE budget, accounting, information systems, and personnel services; apportionment of state and federal resources to local educational agencies (LEAs); and assistance to LEAs for fiscal and business aspects of public schools.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, November 1, 2021
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