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Dashboard Resources

An extensive selection of resources relating to the California School Dashboard for parents, educators, and communities.

New for 2022

Dashboard Communications Toolkit
User-friendly resources relevant to the 2022 Dashboard.

Understanding the Dashboard

The following tabs serve as the point of access to a wide variety of resources specifically developed to support educators and community members better understand the Dashboard.

Dashboard Measures

The California School Dashboard displays the performance of districts, schools, and student groups on a specific set of state and local measures.

State measures are based on student data that are annually collected across the state and apply to all districts, schools, and student groups. To learn more about a state measure, select from the list below:

Local measures are based on data collected at the local level and apply to all districts and charter schools. To learn more about the local measures that are submitted by districts onto the Dashboard, visit the Local Indicators web page.

General Overview of the California School Dashboard

A perfect place to start for parents, educators, and community members who are interested in accessing a broad overview of the California School Dashboard. This page contains:


Start your learning journey with these one-to-two-page flyers that help simplify the use and understanding of the Dashboard.

Translated flyers are available on the Translations Tab.

Guide for Parents (and for Those New to the Dashboard)

2022 Parent Guide to the California School Dashboard (DOCX)
An easy-to-understand guide developed for parents and anyone new to the Dashboard. This document contains an overview of the local and state measures and how performance is measured and reported on the Dashboard.

Translations of Parent Guide are available in the Translation tab.


Build your foundational knowledge of the Dashboard with these brief videos!

Spanish Translation of videos are available on the Translation tab.


2019 Dashboard General Overview

2018 Dashboard General Overview

Technical Information on the California School Dashboard

This page takes the guess work out of Dashboard state indicators by offering technical documents and user-friendly flyers that help enhance your knowledge on the calculation formulas and business rules used to produce each indicator. This page also contains instructions on how to check your data before it is used for the Dashboard and information on the state’s alternative schools. Select from one of the available resources below:


Explaining the Dashboard rules in an easy-to-read summarized format.

Dashboard Technical Guide

The 2022 Dashboard Technical Guide is your key to unlocking how the state indicators are calculated. This guide covers an extensive review of each state indicator by covering calculation formulas, business rules, student examples, and general information about California’s accountability system. The guide also provides self-reflection tools adopted by the State Board of Education that are used by local educational agencies (LEAs) to report their progress through the Dashboard. Detailed information on the rules used to determine schools and LEAs eligible for support are also covered.

Handbook: Connecting California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) to the Dashboard

The 2022–23 Handbook (DOCX) is a user-friendly tool filled with print screens to help you pinpoint and navigate through specific CALPADS Reports that relate to Dashboard state indicators. Download the handbook to confirm your CALPADS data before it is used for the Dashboard!

Dashboard Alternative School Status (DASS) Resources

Schools that serve high-risk students are eligible to participate in the DASS program, which applies modified measures to select state indicators. For information and resources on the DASS program for alternative schools, please refer to the DASS web page.

Crosswalk Between the Dashboard and DataQuest

Data Crosswalk for the California School Dashboard and DataQuest (DOCX)
A short overview of the differences in the way that data are produced for DataQuest and the California School Dashboard.


Prior year technical resources are available on the Archived Dashboard Technical Information web page.

Data Files

Downloadable data files and associated record layouts pertaining to the data released on the California School Dashboard.

Dashboard State Indicators

Academic Indicators

Chronic Absenteeism Rate Indicator

College/Career Indicator

English Learner Progress Indicator

Graduation Rate Indicator

Suspension Rate Indicator

Dashboard Local Indicators

Local Indicators



Dashboard Tools for Educators

Communications, customizable templates, and presentations to support local educational agencies and schools walk-through the California School Dashboard with their staff and communities. Select one of the following tools:


Dashboard Communications Toolkit
User-friendly resources relevant to the 2022 Dashboard.


Access the Webinars and PowerPoint Presentations web page to get the latest PowerPoint presentations used in trainings and webinars on the Dashboard and accountability.

Talking Points and Customizable Letters

California's Accountability and Continuous Improvement System: Key Points
California's Accountability and Continuous Improvement System: Key Points (DOCX)

Template Letter for LEAs
Template Letter for LEAs (DOCX)

A Site Administrator's Guide: Talking to Parents About the California School Dashboard (PPTX)
A customizable slide deck for site admins to use when providing information about the Dashboard.

Archived Tools

Presentation materials, flyers, and videos used for prior Dashboard releases can be accessed through the Dashboard Archived Tools for Educators web page.


To better serve our diverse communities across the state, specific California School Dashboard materials have been translated to help bring the Dashboard closer to home. Select one of the links below to access these materials:


Build a foundational knowledge of the Dashboard with these brief videos

Bienvenido al Dashboard Escolar de California. Que comience la conversaciónes External link opens in new window or tab. (Video; 2:12)
El tablero de la escuela de California es el lugar donde puede obtener más información y más. El Tablero nos ayuda a todos (padres, familias, estudiantes, maestros) a ver qué tan bien están nuestras escuelas y estudiantes y dónde se necesita mejorar.

Tablero Escolar de California - Mi Papá External link opens in new window or tab. (Video; 1:50)
Un anuncio animado narrado por una chica que habla sobre su padre y cómo aprendió sobre su escuela a través del nuevo Dashboard Escolar.

Tablero Escolar de California - Un Vistazo al Dashboard en 90 Segundos External link opens in new window or tab. (Video; 2:01)
El Dashboard está diseñado para ayudarnos a comprender qué tan bien se están desempeñando en nuestras escuelas y dónde se necesita mejorar.

Tablero Escolar de California - Dirigiendo Nuestras Escuelas Al Éxito External link opens in new window or tab. (Video; 2:01)
El Dashboard Escolar de California nos ayuda a todos a tener una mejor idea de lo que está sucediendo en nuestras escuelas.

El California School Dashboard Video para los Padres External link opens in new window or tab. (Video; 3:41)

Guide for Parents (and for Those New to the Dashboard)

Translations Available here


Translated in the top seven languages, these one-to-two page documents provide a simple explanation of the Dashboard.

Getting to Know the California School Dashboard (Translated)

Getting to Know the 2022 Dashboard State Measures (Translated)

Reporting Current Year Data Only on the 2022 Dashboard

How to View Performance of a School or District (Translated)

How to Compare Schools (Translated)

The College/Career Indicator Flyer (Translated)

Exploring the Equity Report (Translated)

Information on the Participation Rate (Translated)

Getting to Know the Local Measures (Translated)

Information on Local Measures for Parents (Translated)

District Resources

Una guía para el administrador del predio escolar: Cómo hablar con los padres sobre el Tablero de mando escolar de California (California School Dashboard) (PPTX)
A customizable slidedeck for site admins to use when providing information about the Dashboard.

El Tablero Escolar de California Conocido como “Dashboard” (Spanish) (PDF)
Provide knowledge to parents so that they can understand the Dashboard and assist in the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

Frequently Asked Questions

The sections below address the most commonly asked questions about California's accountability system.


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