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Financial Reporting-Prior Years' SACS Software

Standardized Account Code Structure (SACS) software used for submitting fincancial data to the California Department of Education, including associated Readme and Known Problem/Fixes pages.
Fiscal Year EXE File Readme File Known Problems/Fixes
2018–19 SACS2019ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 69MB) 2018–19 Readme SACS2019ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
201718 SACS2018ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 71MB) 2017–18 Readme SACS2018ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2017ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 69MB) 2016–17 Readme SACS2017ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2016ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 71MB) 2015–16 Readme SACS2016ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2015ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 83MB) 2014–15 Readme SACS2015ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2014ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 78MB) 2013–14 Readme SACS2014ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2013ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 29MB) 2012–13 Readme SACS2013ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2012ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 29MB) 2011–12 Readme SACS2012ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2011ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 27MB) 2010–11 Readme SACS2011ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2010ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 29MB) 2009–10 Readme SACS2010ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2009ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 27MB) 2008–09 Readme SACS2009ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2008ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 29MB) 2007–08 Readme SACS2008ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2007ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 29MB) 2006–07 Readme SACS2007ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2006ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 29MB) 2005–06 Readme SACS2006ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2005ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 26MB) 2004–05 Readme SACS2005ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2004ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 25MB) 2003–04 Readme SACS2004ALL Software: Known Problems/Fixes
SACS2003ALL Software Installation File (EXE; 24MB) 2002–03 Readme There are no known problems/fixes at this time.

Please refer to the download instructions Web page on how to download the executable files.

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Last Reviewed: Monday, August 31, 2020
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