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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about permits, licenses, how to have an application granted by the CDE, appeal-related documents, and information about filing a complaint.

The Government Modernization, Efficiency, Accountability, and Transparency Act of 2005 requires California state agencies to post "customer service" links that contain specified information. This Frequently Asked Questions page and the Decisions Pending and Opportunities for Public Participation page have been created, pursuant to the law, to help make certain California Department of Education (CDE) information maximally available to the public.

Q1. How do I obtain a permit from the CDE?

A1. The CDE does not issue permits.

The CDE does provide a form that can be completed to request a work permit from a local school district. While the CDE makes this form available, the permit is issued by local school districts. This form and information related to it can be found on the Work Experience Education Resources page.

Also, the CDE does issue a Bus Driver Instructor Certificate to school bus, school pupil activity bus, transit bus, and farm labor vehicle driver instructors. For more information about the instructor certificate, please visit the State Certified Instructor Program page.

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing External link opens in new window or tab. is the appropriate state authority for evaluation and issuance of child development permits for teaching staff and administrators in CDE-funded child development programs.

Q2. How do I obtain a license from the CDE?

A2. The CDE does not issue licenses. The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing External link opens in new window or tab. is the appropriate state authority for evaluation and issuance of teaching credentials, certificates, and permits for public school teachers for the State of California.

Q3. How do I have an application granted by the CDE?

A3. The CDE is responsible for granting many different types of applications.

Employment Applications are the responsibility of the Selection Services Office in the CDE’s Personnel Services Division. For more information, visit the Jobs at CDE page.

Funding Applications are any application for fiscal funding whether by apportionment, contract, or grant. Recipients may be local education agencies, schools, vendors, or individuals. Due to the variety of funding applications available, the CDE has created a Funding area on the CDE Web site. From this page, users can find funding applications, instructions for completing the applications, detailed eligibility information, due dates, contact information, and information about how to appeal a particular application.

Other Applications that are not for the purposes of obtaining funding nor for employment purposes are less prevalent at the CDE. A list of these applications is presented below. Information about applying for these applications, including forms, instructions, eligibility information, and how to appeal are included separately for each individual application.

Applications that are not related to employment or funding:

Appointment to a State Board of Education Advisory Body
California School Recognition Program
California Teachers of the Year
Charter School Number Request
Chief Business Officer Training Provider
County-District-School (CDS) Code
Exemplary Independent Study Recognition Award
Model Continuation High School Recognition Program
No Child Left Behind—Blue Ribbon Schools
Presidential Awards for Math & Science Teaching
School Site Approval
Transportation Training
United States Senate Youth

Q4. How do I find forms, applications, and appeal-related documents from the CDE?

A4. These items may be found in the same location as the permit, license, or application information. See the answers to the three previous questions to find these items.

Q5. How do I file a complaint related to issues under the jurisdiction of the CDE?

A5. To file a complaint, please visit the Complaint Procedures page. This page provides information which helps members of the public contact the appropriate authority in the most expedited and appropriate manner.

Last Reviewed: Wednesday, December 30, 2020
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